4 Features That Allows Hassle-Free Car Shipping Services With Logistics Apps

Now we know how important your business is and to track down the movement of your transactions you need to be cautious and aware. If you have a failed inventory system, something which is hard to manage, then it is high time to make a change. To help you and your business the logistics business are trying to aid their customers with logistics apps to make their life simpler. If you need car shipping services in Vadodara from your logistics company, the logistics app can be a boon just because it comes preloaded with these 4 amazing features –

  1. The app works even if you do not have an internet connectivity

Not having the Internet is something unimaginable these days, but to battle this state, the logistics company has concentrated on developing a mobile app that works in offline mode just to boost productivity. No matter whether there is the internet or not, customers can enter valid data and stay assured of their car shipping services.

  1. You get armed with easy vehicle and driver tracking

This is one of the best features that helps you to optimize the cargo for each of your drivers. Say if you are assigned the pick up of cars from a place, you can assign the task to a driver who is nearest to that location. Throughout the process, the location and the cargo of the driver are something that you can view in real time on the map of your smartphone.

  1. Get to know about the driver’s daily activities

You can monitor the driver’s activities through the logistic app. It lets you record the mileage traveled, the number of pickups and deliveries done, total hours of work done by the driver etc. This feature will help to know everything a driver does when he is involved in car shipping services for your business.

  1. Tracking your shipment is smart and easy

If you have asked your logistic company to help you with car shipping services in Vadodara, then this feature of the app will be essential to your business. This is the feature that allows logging carrier information and delivery information to track the shipments. The apps allow easy entry of data by the driver manually or even you can opt for an automatic upload.

A logistic company is thus allowing their customers to stay ahead of their competitors by allowing them to track their vehicles and deliveries in real-time with the help of mobile apps. And this, in turn, is improving customer retention and better management of the workflow.

TruckGuru Logistics Services An One-Stop Shop to Save Time and Headaches

Now we know how tough is logistics services. It is a big process where you need to monitor a vast number of people to ensure that the end user receives the order on time. So what your business needs are a logistics service partner who comes with a deep understanding of the logistics services, finance and helps you gain unparalleled insights of the daily transactions.

TruckGuru logistic services are one such face who help you save time and reduce headaches with their deep expertise. The logistic services help you to move the goods around the world and ensure that they reach the destination on time. They work closely with you to thoroughly understand your supply chain needs, just to provide efficient and cost-effective logistics solution.

  • It helps in easy air and land transportation

The freight network that we have is combined with road feeder services to door-to-door delivery across any pan-geographic location in India. The lean and non-asset based operating style that we have provides unrestricted access to the unlimited capacity of moving goods from one place to another.

Our comprehensive transport services are backed by the expertise of our local agents, who show up there every minute insights on local condition to avoid delays and risks. Though our professionalism, TruckGuru logistics services has cultivated a relationship to turn out as the leader in logistics services in India.

  • We help in easy warehousing and distribution

The flexible warehousing capabilities include third-party, who are strategically located or may be to the multiple client warehouses and dedicated distribution centers as well.

  • TruckGuru Logistics Services helps in tax and duty clearance

If you want to move your goods not just within Gujarat but also to the pan-geographic location, then you need not bother about the tax, octroi or toll charges or shipping services that you have managed. Our services make your shipments and clear your cargo through the tax managers prior to its arrival. We stay on top and immediately implement the changes to tax regulatory procedures and ensure to stay in compliance as always.

  • You get to work with the logistics service who ensure better security compliance

TruckGuru Logistics services make sure that their compliance program includes analysis and gap recognition, implementation and management of programs, along with compliant support, mock audits and proper guidance on security and efficiency. Everything is available under one roof.

If you are looking to make your shipping services easier, opt for TruckGuru logistics services and stay aware of your every shipping needs.